Manufacturing companies face more challenges than ever before. Competition from low cost producers in developing countries, managing rising costs and increased demand from customers means that manufacturers today need to invest in solutions that are easy to use and flexible, to enable them to manage their businesses more effectively.

Companies in this sector need an ERP system that will help them to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase margins.

BrightBridge works with manufacturing companies and deliver leading ERP and CRM solutions to help their business grow. BrightBridge consultants have a deep understanding of manufacturing-specific application software that can be harnessed to help you achieve the highest performance, operational insight and excellence to drive your business forward. Our experts will listen closely to your requirements and analyse where you are today to where you want to take your manufacturing initiatives in the future.

BrightBridge experts have worked with organisations in the manufacturing sector for many years. Our proven industry knowledge will enable us to recommend the right solution for your business. Contact us for further details.