More and more organisations are moving to cloud services, such as Microsoft Office 365.  Office 365 is a cloud service from Microsoft which gives you access to all your favourite Microsoft office applications.

With Microsoft Office 365, your organisation can access a fully integrated platform for communication, collaboration, and content management, delivered through a familiar and consistent user experience across almost any device.  It gives you access to business class email and calendars, as well as the latest collaboration tools to make your business more effective.

If you have Microsoft Office 365 your office can be anywhere.  So if your are online or offline, using a mobile device, or on your PC or Mac you can get to what you need as and when required.

Why BrightBridge?

Microsoft is providing a number of technologies and applications to support cloud computing and BrightBridge is working with these to deliver solutions that help customers realise the benefits of Cloud.

Why Office 365?

  • Office 365 = subscription licensing, no upfront costs, and easy addition of new licences
  • Get rid of servers and upgrade fees and offload to Microsoft
  • Access the latest Microsoft applications on a subscription basis
  • Services and applications without the cost and hassle of deploying and managing them yourself
  • Enables your IT team to focus on other priorities
  • Office 365 includes all the familiar Office apps you get from Office Professional 2013

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