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2020 talent: how efficient businesses attract the best staff

As we start the first full week of the New Year, businesses will be busy strategizing how to start January on a high – ideally with the very best workforce in tow. While this may be easier said than done, there are a number of things SMEs can do to ensure they attract (and retain) only the highest calibre of candidate, both before and after posting that polished new job description. Here’s seven quick-fire tips on how to enhance recruitment efficiency and attract the top talent of 2020.

Review your employer brand – what is it that makes your business a special place to work? As an industry-leading employer, this is your time to shine by establishing a dynamic with candidates that is transparent and reflective of your company values. What does a day in the life of your advertised position look like, and how might this be represented via your current channels – from your LinkedIn Page to your company website? Assess past candidate experiences and ask how this could be improved so as to provide a genuine, behind-the-scenes insight into becoming a new team member.

Enlist the help of star employees – showcasing your business in the best light also requires the involvement of the team responsible for this success: AKA your most valued employees. Ensure that you utilise these role models in the most effective way, from uploading video testimonials to your company hiring page, to including them throughout the decision-making process – down to the very last interview. As the hardworking, enthusiastic faces of your business, who better for the job? Face-to-face interaction with fellow future employees will also make candidates feel more at ease.

Reward staff referrals – akin to enlisting the help of fellow team members above, offer an incentive to those staff keen to refer friends and former colleagues suitable for the job. Chances are that candidates arriving through the door via personal recommendation will possess a similar work ethic and character to your existing employee, plus nobody would truly vouch for someone if they thought they weren’t right for the role. A little cash bonus or reward in return is a small price to pay in your search for brilliance.

Showcase your business management systems – With award-winning cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite, businesses that choose to streamline their management systems are businesses that take efficiency seriously. Not only does the adoption of such technology ensure you are primed for growth, but it also empowers both existing and future staff in their everyday duties, freeing up more time to develop in their roles (as opposed to being bogged down by laborious manual tasks). Whether you’re an IT company cutting down on administrative time or a professional service seeking to improve project profitability, communicate this adeptness to prospective employees so as to always position yourself as industry front runner.

Master your job description – as with many talent success stories, the secret is (often) in the job ad. While past templates are good for inspiration, they are not necessarily built for the candidate of today. Instead, make the conscious decision to start from scratch and communicate succinctly (no longer than one page) and honestly (foregoing the use of internal jargon where possible). How might their responsibilities change over time, and what might the future hold for career development opportunities? What can you offer employees in return for their continued hard work?

Foster a ‘culture-forward’ ethos – this may form a more integral part of your job description than before, but in a more general sense should be communicated as part of the bigger picture. As opposed to seeking candidates that ‘fit’ your company culture, ask instead what unique qualities they can bring to the table within a workplace that cultivates diversity. How does your ‘about us’ page celebrate your team’s hobbies outside of the office, and what special events does your business hold to further nurture these passions, such as family days or volunteering opportunities?

Rethink the interview process – cast your mind back to the interview that got your foot in the door – how could this have been improved? Did you feel stifled and uncomfortable or motivated and inspired? While traditionally pressured environments, there’s no reason interviews can’t be enjoyable experiences. Offer candidates a hot drink before getting started, and take them on a tour of the office. Break the process down by starting with an informal chat, before getting into the nitty gritty. Get to know them over lunch. Chances are the more relaxed they feel, the better they will perform and show their true selves.