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Most viewed ERP and CRM blogs in 2022

We pride ourselves on creating informative content centred around NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and solutions to challenges that sectors and our customers face… and we’re delighted you read it! As we head towards a new year, we all look forward to a rest and spending time with loved ones, but also often reflect on the past 12 months and the opportunities ahead… so we’ve taken a look at our most read ERP and CRM blogs in 2022 to help inspire you into a prosperous 2023.

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Exploring alternative business solutions for Sage 1000 and SageLine 500 users

Businesses using Sage Line 500 or Sage 1000 should now be preparing for migration to a new product. Companies relying on this software after the hard stop on 31 December 2024 will be at risk of not being able to function compliantly – or at all – should something cease to work. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of up-to-the-minute cloud software, which competitors could be using to get ahead.

Functionality focus: NetSuite’s Supply Allocation feature

When businesses choose to partner with BrightBridge they benefit from being invited to our exclusive customer roundtable sessions where, amongst other things, we regularly deep dive into NetSuite features. This is the first of three popular functionality focus blogs, based on Customer Roundtable sessions, exploring the management of supply chain operations within NetSuite, focusing on the Supply Allocation capabilities.

Sign saying dead en with blue sky and clouds in background to denote 5 signs your CRM solution is out of date and costing your organisation.

5 signs your CRM solution is out of date and costing your organisation

An article from June 2021, but absolutely relevant for anyone trying to effectively engage with customers, members, clients or donors in 2023. Just because you utilise a CRM system it doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently and if your solution has reached the end of its support lifecycle, that’s a huge red flag that suggests you should be investigating migration to another product. Here we look at how to recognise if your not-for-profit organisation or business may be relying on a system that’s not doing you any favours.

Functionality focus: Oracle NetSuite’s updated bank reconciliation feature

With Oracle NetSuite’s Bank Reconciliation feature being deprecated in 2021, a more advanced method took its place, further streamlining the process and making reconciliation more transparent for users. We explore the feature that was designed with a focus around bank feeds and automation and built with bank statements in mind.

Man at outdoor table with taptop looking at NetSuite software that is enabling him to grow his business fast.

What is the key ingredient that brings success for businesses in a hurry?

Companies who have their sights set on rapid growth must prioritise slick and automated processes across tax and financials, operations and compliance, while also ensuring a holistic, truthful overview of the firm is always available. Even with never-ending capital and the best minds within a team, the only reasonable answer to this is having the right technology and business software architecture.

AP automation – the final frontier with NetSuite and Tipalti

One of operational partner guest posts features in our top ten read ERP and CRM blogs of 2022. Tipalti is the only company handling both accounts payable and global partner payments for mid-market companies across the entire cycle, from onboarding the global supply chain to instituting procurement controls. Deepak Goyal explains how businesses can negate issues caused by accounts payable (AP) exceptions and eliminate time-hungry tasks.

What’s new and in the pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics 365? The best features of Release Wave 2 2022

We always like to put the latest MSDYN 365 Release Wave and NetSuite Releases centre stage when they come round biannually, and this example written by one of our Functional Consultants, Marcus, is about the most recent. This includes the long-awaited Teams integration that became live in September and Deal Manager, which we hope will be accessible in 2023.

Board member view of Oracle NetSuite dashboard - which has been customised to ensure users have a view of things most important to them.

Functionality focus: how and why you should customise your Oracle NetSuite dashboard

We help out customers to customise their Oracle NetSuite experience, to empower them to work smarter, with quick and easy access to real-time, role-specific data as and when required. The dashboard functionality makes gaining insights and snapshots surprisingly straightforward, facilitating greater visibility for a more informed and collaborative approach. Here we explore tips on how to customise your Oracle NetSuite dashboard.

How ERP and CRM create extra resources for non-profits and NGOs that deliver services by appointment

The benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology (or DRM if we want to relate it to donors) have been widely recognised for non-profits, particularly in helping the sector overcome the many challenges faced in recent years. For those delivering important support services by appointment, technology can be truly transformational, helping to them to reduce admin time and deliver more services in a time of growing user demand.

Unlock the full potential of your NetSuite investment – review, optimise & reap the rewards

Your NetSuite solution may have been aligned with your initial objectives, but perhaps these have changed. You could be now missing out on a world of business benefits that could be added to your solution or untrained team members might not be properly using the full scope of functions available. A NetSuite review and optimisation programme could maximise your investment and help you hit new levels of efficiency.

Three ways the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries can better engage customers and meet their needs

Last but certainly not least when considering the current economic landscape that is certain to present difficult times for businesses in hospitality, travel and leisure sectors. This was written as these sectors were starting to bounce back, but the message today is the same – never has it been more important to engage potential and existing patrons and communicate the right information at the right time.


We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and hope you’ll pop back to our blog during 2023. Should you need support with your NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution or want to migrate to one of these cloud solutions, please get in touch.