Woman sat outside at a cafe table looking at email communications and email attachments within NetSuite, via the Workiro SuiteApp.

Outlook integration for NetSuite - see clearly with the Workiro SuiteApp

Our last webinar of 2022 is coming up on Wednesday, 2 November with our operational partner Workiro, a Work Management tool which helps people to keep on top of tasks and work more efficiently in NetSuite. Chief Information Officer, Jason Ross, will be looking at one of the features of Workiro – Outlook Integration – and to whet your appetite, he’s provided us with a guest blog about the functionality.

Head over to our event page to register for free, and you can join us live at 10am or watch again at your convenience. Over to you, Jason…  


NetSuite provides organisations with one central location to manage every function of their business and can truly be the central source of the truth. However, staff don’t always manage all of their key tasks within NetSuite diluting that potential 360-degree view of the business.

One example of this is your emails. Everyone uses emails, and for many, Outlook is the go-to place for their day-to-day communication, particularly when it comes to talking with vendors or customers. With this in mind, the fact that most people won’t have a record of their emails in NetSuite is quite frankly, crazy!

The Problem 

If staff in your business are communicating through email, the key question you need to ask is: How are they recording this communication in NetSuite?

There are two common answers to this question. The first is that they aren’t recording them. Emails remain in Outlook and when someone needs to find a key bit of information from an email or to confirm what someone said, they have to traipse through long email trails until they find what they are looking for (which can take a while if you are emailing people all day).

The other, and slightly better possibility is that staff are typing up notes or copying and pasting emails into NetSuite to log the communication. In the situation that you do not have any tool to integrate Outlook into NetSuite, this is the best solution you can hope for, as there is a recorded action from employees. However, this is an extremely manual process for staff and can still lead to some things being lost and forgotten.

Both these scenarios can lead to deadlines being missed, or your team spending valuable time on getting emails into NetSuite. In either case, this lack of visibility or wasted time on admin can ultimately strain your customer and or vendor relationships, as staff have less time to work on deliverable tasks, or miss them completely.

The Solution

Luckily for you, Workiro offers NetSuite users the ability to integrate Outlook directly into your NetSuite workflow. This means that by using the Workiro SuiteApp in Outlook, you can attach emails directly to records in NetSuite, with the option to also attach documents within an email, all with just a few clicks. Now appearing in your NetSuite dashboard instantly, you can tag and categorise your emails when you store them, so you can find them quickly and easily when you need them.


Workiro SuiteApp - Outlook Integration image showing artistically how the plug-in appears in Outlook, along with the Workiro app task outcome.


Now you truly have a 360-degree view of your business. Your customer and supplier relationships are stronger, communications are entirely visible, and staff are getting on with what you hired them to do. After all, you implemented an ERP system for exactly this: to have a single source of truth. Plugging this leak of information gives you exactly that.

Workiro in NetSuite image showing the Workiro SuiteApp integrated within NetSuite itself with email/attachments visible.


If you would like to hear more about our Outlook Integration for NetSuite, register for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 2 November at 10am by clicking here. Jason will be discussing the Workiro SuiteApp in more detail and how it integrates Outlook to NetSuite, as well as giving a live demo of how it actually works.


About Workiro

Workiro is a work management tool built to help you work smarter and more effectively within NetSuite. As well as integrating to Outlook, it provides solutions for Electronic Signatures, Document & Contract Management, Integrations and Approvals all within the Workiro app. To find out more or to book a full demo of Workiro, call us on 0330 133 5000 or email info@brightbridgesolutions.com.