Streamline your sales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s not easy being a sales professional. Today, sellers are easily bogged down by never-ending processes and admin, often stretched across a number of different tools and solutions. This, paired with rapidly changing buyer preferences, can make it hard for sales teams to meet customer expectations, resulting in challenges when it comes to closing on a deal.

Businesses across the world are beginning to realise that a cloud-based CRM has the ability to solve many of the problems facing the sales teams of today. The right tool can transform a company’s productivity, agility and more importantly, revenue. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales comes in.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps businesses go beyond the means of traditional selling by combining traditional sales processes with artificial intelligence. In this blog post we’ll highlight some of the platform’s key benefits that could help your business thrive:

Sales processes made easy

The great thing about Dynamics 365 is that its platform will optimise your entire sales process, which will result in better productivity across the board. Standard processes can be mapped out as workflows and can then be controlled automatically, getting rid of some of the more mundane admin tasks you have to manage on other CRMs. What’s more, all of your customer insights are housed in the one singular platform, removing the need to manage multiple applications to access your customers and their data.

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Better connected, better engagement

If you want to land a sale, you’ve got to build solid relationships with your customers. And to build solid relationships, it’s crucial that you stay connected. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, providing personalised experiences has never been easier. You’ll get access to all of your leads, opportunity and customer information in one single place, plus any previous interactions you may have had. You can even sync the platform to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, to give you even more insights on screen. You can easily establish which customers need more attention in the funnel, and send out personalised nurture messages to make sure your customer feels supported at every stage of their journey.

Pain-free integration

If your team is already using Microsoft 365, you’re in luck. Dynamics 365 Sales integrates with all other Microsoft products. It syncs straight through to Outlook, Excel and the rest of the Microsoft suite. You can also use the integrated Teams feature to collaborate with your customers and anyone within your organisation, jumping straight on a customer’s record with no need for third-party messenger platforms or document management solutions.

In depth insights and reporting

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll get real-time visibility into your teams’ sales performance. It’s easy to set up a dashboard that will show you graphs, charts and other KPIs and see any progression as it happens. You can also track how your company is measuring up against your competitors. The platform allows you to create a detailed profile for each competitor, equipped with any opportunities you’re competing for and any areas of weakness in their sales process.

Anywhere, any time

As a completely cloud-based solution, you can access your Dynamics 365 dashboard from anywhere, at any time: be that at home, in the office, or when you’re on the move. The platform comes with a mobile app that’s compatible with all the leading smartphones so that you can stay on top of notifications with ease. You can also use voice notes and camera photos when you need to add notes to your CRM without access to your laptop.

Powered by AI

The best thing about Dynamics 365 for Sales is the ability to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. Through the platform’s integrated AI system, you are able to discover insights, make informed decisions and drastically improve your customers’ experience. The platform uses AI-powered conversation intelligence that can easily detect customer emotion, sentiment and priorities, and provides you with actionable insights based on its learnings.

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