Greensill Capital halves the time to manage its financials with NetSuite

“We liked the personable, one-to-one relationship of working with BrightBridge Solutions, where you knew exactly the people you’d be working with. They dedicated a lot of time and effort to meeting our needs on an aggressive software rollout and they managed to get a lot done quickly.”
Mark Calvert-Jones, Financial Controller
Greensill Capital
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  • Industry


  • Location

    London, UK

  • Challenges

    900,000 suppliers across 50 different countries

    Multi-currency accounts

    360 degree fast reporting

  • Products implemented

    NetSuite Financials: Mid-market Edition

    NetSuite OneWorld

Greensill is the market-leading provider of working capital finance for companies globally, unlocking capital so the world can put it to work. Greensill provides Supply Chain Finance around the world, but they are about much more. The company uses the power of financial markets to unlock capital on terms that fit the needs of our clients, from 20 days to 20 years and beyond.

Financials to the core

For a company that makes $12bn of financing available to around 900,000 suppliers across 50 different countries, having reliable financial software in place for managing its invoices and accounts in multiple currencies is something not to be toyed with. So, the UK financial services business implemented a cloud-based solution from Netsuite in 2016 as its core financial system.

Clean data and reporting at the touch of a button

Previously, the accounting was outsourced to a company in Australia. Following successive years of growth and many wasted hours chasing information across international divisions, it made the switch to NetSuite. The finance department in the UK can now access clean, up-to-date reports at the touch of a button. It can then “slice and dice” them into “multi-dimensional, employee-based or product-group” reports that are “very easy to work with in a base currency.”

Cutting-edge technology

Greensill prides itself on its cutting-edge technology platforms, helping thousands of suppliers around the world collaborate and making onboarding and payment processing easier and faster than ever before. Calvert-Jones said that the company was drawn to NetSuite because of its strength as a “significant player in FinTech,” its strong pedigree and future software development plans.

Simplifying processes

Greensill chose to work with a UK partner, BrightBridge Solutions, to help manage the project, simplify processes and roll-out the software in just a few months. This involved a phased approach, testing, and various modifications to suit some chartered accountancy requirements.

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