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NoBlue2 acquires BrightBridge to create Europe’s leading Oracle NetSuite Partner


We are BrightBridge

We have an excellent track record of providing disruptive, digital business transformations resulting in greater competitive advantage, increased profitability, and continual growth for our customers.


As champions and early adopters of cloud solutions, we continually strive to be leaders in technology, continually learning and leveraging our partnerships with industry icons Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft.

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Solutions for your business problems

 An atomic image showing the relationship between disparate systems

My business is using too many disparate systems and I don’t have access to consistent, accurate information. 

 Three people in a circle made of an arrow to show the 360 degree view of customers

My business needs a 360 view of our customers and to be able to communicate with the right people, at the right time. 

 Four Jigsaw pieces fitting together to show how solutions fitting together grow businesses

My existing technology partner can’t support my growing business.

 Databases moving toward the cloud solutiuon

My Sage solution is no longer being developed; what should I do?

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