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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Memberships and Associations

Getting communication right, both internally and to members and customers, is vital for business consistency. Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your organisation will provide a uniform experience across all departments.

Whether your Sales, Marketing or Customer Service teams are interacting with members and customers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will manage your data to show a single version of the truth.

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We have collaborated with website providers to build rich member onboarding processes, enabling members to self-serve registration and collecting membership fees

Our specialists have implemented digital marketing solutions to enable organisations to inform and update existing members whilst striving to reach new ones

We provide ongoing support and development to implement new processes and regulation changes

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The Member 360-degree view gives you a complete picture of all your interactions with a member including emails, phone calls and visits and transactions. Integration with other systems provides a single, accurate view in one place

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Dynamics 365 Dashboard and Reporting provide a configurable overview of the information your organisation needs. Dashboards can show items that require a user’s attention such as membership renewals and recency, frequency and value – without the need for spreadsheets

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