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Jitterbit integrates with NetSuite for 360-degree view of your customers

Jitterbit is a Built for NetSuite and SuiteSuccess-verified partner. With years of experience building NetSuite integrations, combined with their tailored customer success methodology and best-in-class support, Jitterbit enables companies to accelerate business outcomes with integration initiatives going live in days or weeks, not months or years.

Built for NetSuite

Benefits of the platform

Fast-track common integration use cases with process templates. Process Templates can reduce the time to deploy integrations by 50-80%, and free up your IT resources for more strategic initiatives

Accelerate integrations with recipes, pre-built integration mappings that move data in one direction between like objects across two applications or systems

Connect to anything with the NetSuite Connector. Connect to your NetSuite instance, add or delete records, update existing data, or retrieve data for use in Jitterbit integrations

Common Jitterbit use cases

Achieve widespread automation and improve overall efficiency

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Automating Opportunity to Order. When sales opportunities close, orders need to be processed as efficiently and quickly as possible. Providing a seamless customer order experience requires integrating data and processes across your systems. When sales opportunities close in your CRM system, automatically creating sales orders in your ERP system helps reduce data entry errors and improve order accuracy.

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Accelerating Order to Fulfillment. To create a smooth purchasing experience, you need visibility into the end-to-end customer journey. Orders must be exported from sales systems and fed into distribution systems. Shipment information needs to be relayed to the customer to follow their purchase delivery, and inventory needs to be updated instantaneously. Building exceptional customer experiences depends on the ability to capture, harness, and process data and insights across a complex landscape of applications.

Ready to find out more?

Looking to get the most out of your NetSuite investment? Grab a copy of this free Jitterbit x NetSuite integration solution sheet today to learn more about the fast, flexible API integration platform.