Cupcake with blue star and number 5 on top

BrightBridge 5 is years old!

Well here we are at the company’s fifth birthday and about to start our sixth year in business. How time flies!

A lot has happened over that period…

  • In our first month we invoiced about £6,000 to our first customer. In comparison to today, we invoiced 59 different customers in March 2020, totalling nearly £400k
  • We had less than a handful of staff at the start and operated without any premises, but now we now have 35 members of staff across 2 office locations, as well as a presence in Bahrain
  • When we started, we had a single Sage customer and two NetSuite prospects… we won both of these NetSuite accounts and collected more Sage clients in the early months

The journey in between has seen us:

  • Acquire the remainder of the Sage clients from Ciber, which was an excellent deal
  • Acquire Julian’s Clear ERP business, when we welcomed NetSuite customers, sales and delivery capability
  • Win two brand new Sage 1000 projects
  • Employ some old friends and new colleagues from Innervate, which is bringing a rejuvenated and increasingly successful Microsoft practice to our business
  • Execute billable work for more than 180 customers – thank you to them all
  • Handle in excess of 12,000 of support cases via our dedicated Help Desk
  • Raise in excess of 3,000 invoices as of the end of April 2020

Thank you to all colleagues past and present, and our external partners, who have contributed greatly over the last five, successful years. We look forward to many more together.