Two female employees of a Chartered Association sitting at a desk looking at AI-ready Microsoft Dynamics 365 on a tablet while having a meeting.

6 ways AI-ready Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps chartered associations serve members

There isn’t an organisation that hasn’t wondered if they should be utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with that comes questions around skill building, which software to use and being left behind if they don’t get on the band wagon soon. Achieving success with many of the tools available relies heavily on being able to give the correct instructions and information in the first place; you get out what you put in, so in many cases the time-saving effects of AI can be lost due spending resource on getting the brief correct, building on inadequate output, or both.

When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 (DYN365), however, the AI features are built-in and are accessed straight out-of-the-box. This means you can benefit from the smartest assistant you’ve ever known; your ERP architecture knows everything about your association and members so your AI assistant also does. The features don’t have to be utilised and any suggestions it offers can be discarded or modified. Nevertheless – as you’ll read below – integrated AI ticks all the boxes for chartered institutions and associations when it comes to saving time, delivering more meaningful and personalised communications and having greater awareness of opportunities that may otherwise get missed within manual processes.


Mapping and tracking member journeys

Any association that wants to become truly member-centric should be focusing on member journeys – also known as customer journeys. While they are a foundational element to any marketing and sales strategy, creating them is not for the faint-hearted, plus they need to be analysed and of course activity and output has to be aligned to those key moments. Built-in within DYN365 is a feature where you can tell it what you want to create and the AI will take your goals and turn them into a member journey. With a structure in place, you can easily edit it to ensure it’s precise.


Group of four people in a marketing team standing around a desk analysing their successful activity using Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Understanding activity and key message success

You have your member journeys, you have your key moments, but how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? Without spending time an enormous amount of time investigating and cross-checking data, that is. The AI-powered and rules-based attribution models in DYN365 can undertake all the analysis on how messaging and activities contribute to driving people to your key moments. But what’s more, you can rely on it to automatically flag suggestions about how to switch something up to achieve greater success. A continuous feedback loop means you can continuously improve messages and activity to better attract and retain members.


Getting a head start on emails and forms

As we explained above, your DYN365 assistant is integrated within the ERP architecture so when you ask it to create you an email or a form, it takes your association’s previous content and the success of those communications into account; and of course it learns over time to get even better. Tone of voice and aesthetic design is taken in to consideration as well as many contextual sources, such as the current email chain, case notes, knowledge articles, and more. Customer service and support agents can edit all elements but the information gathering from the AI assistant, done at lightning speed, ensures there are more minutes to spare on other tasks.


Delivering a personal service

With hundreds – if not thousands – of members, offering a personalise service seems impossible. But when you can ask your AI friend to make recommendations based on historic data, successes, goals and individual member profiles and journeys, the task becomes simpler and more easily kept on top of. So, whether the opportunity is centred round an event, a course, membership level or product, you can upsell and cross-sell with the knowledge that it’s timely and relevant. Assistance is also on hand for critical follow-up suggestions, which also help to get the timing, messaging and channel right for the individual in question.


Woman from a Chartered Institution on the phone speaking to a member, also looking at information AI has served on Dynamics 365.


Offering a chat service that never leaves members waiting

If a member is using a website chat function and the operative has to search for answers and then manually type a response, the wait can be frustrating, but a DYN365 smart assistant does the leg work. Again, it accesses the information it requires and learns from the institutions chat history, but it can also be trained, or retrained, on-demand. Agents are presented with a selection of prompts and response suggestions, which they can then click, and the message is with the member in a flash.


Getting conversation and support case summaries in seconds

Need to review a transcript, a member record or document? You don’t have to spend the time reading it. DYN365’s AI functionality can summarise the contents in seconds, which is obviously a much more efficient use of a person’s time, but also speed is particularly important when a member is waiting on online chat or on the phone.


If AI seems daunting – or conversely, if you can’t wait for your membership organisation to benefit from its powers – a built-in approach could be the soundest and most advantageous. You’re guaranteeing that the level of intelligence starts from a comprehensive understanding of your organisation – from financials to product stock to members and membership levels – but also that it’s learning from successes, and it has goals to work towards. Being presented with the right information, at the right time with suggestions on what the right next step should be is invaluable in the quest for delivering a personalised, efficient, quality service to chartered members.


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