CEO of a business shaking hands with their new NetSuite implementation partner who will deliver their cloud ERP project.

What is a NetSuite implementation partner? How do you choose one?

You may have selected NetSuite as your business’ cloud software or you may be in the process of choosing between two or three solutions, but how can you be sure of engaging the right implementation partner for your business? Naturally, the company needs to demonstrate its knowledge of NetSuite, its array of module and App options and expertise in developing bespoke coded solutions.

As BrightBridge we can easily illustrate this. As NoBlue2 – which we became when we were acquired in September 2023 – the facts that we are the largest independent NetSuite partner in EMEA and NetSuite EMEA Partner of the Year really speak for themselves.


What is a NetSuite implementation partner?

A NetSuite implementation partner will take your brief and work with you as one team to design, develop, implement, and support an integrated, cloud software solution that reaches all corners of a business, providing total visibility, effecting productivities, and facilitating growth.

But here’s a few things to add to your ‘must-haves check list’:

  • They should seek to discover everything, and offer solutions to problems you didn’t even know were issues
  • They should have the skill to design workflows to meet any goal
  • They should be able to make any process a success by developing a customised script for it
  • They should be able to integrate any necessary siloed software with NetSuite
  • They should also help your teams prepare for and to navigate changes in their working processes through training
  • They should have a robust approach to the development-training-testing-development period and overall project management
  • They should offer hyper-care for a period after the your business is live on NetSuite and have high levels service and support

Three colleagues sat at a desk reviewing different NetSuite implementation partner credentials and proposals. 

Steps to take in choosing a NetSuite implementation partner

  • Use search engines
  • Ask NetSuite to recommend the most relevant to your project
  • Ask for recommendations from industry connections
  • Research the options – their websites, social media, articles in the media
  • Make contact and have initial conversations
  • Request specific information on relevant projects and customers
  • Discount the partner or move forward to the proposal and demo stage
  • Get to know the potential team
  • Evaluate fees and total cost of ownership
  • Make your final decision


Now let’s move on to our practical advice about finding the best-fit partner that will deliver the ROI you desire and make the process stress-free.


How do you choose a NetSuite implementation partner?

1. Look for demonstrable sector experience

While the architecture of very few NetSuite ERP projects is off the shelf, industry knowledge means your implementation team will understand the overarching pain points that your business and teams likely face – from day one. Compliance and evolving regulatory obligation challenges – from financial and tech organisations to manufacturers and travel and leisure providers – will also be no match for a team with sector know-how. Our teams – with specific Wholesale Distribution, Omnichannel Retail, Hospitality and Leisure and Tech Services sector understanding – can advise on streamlining processes, reducing costs and increasing margins through optimised and integrated NetSuite software.

Three men working in a warehouse. One is pulling a palette and another is using NetSuite on a tablet to check inventory.


2. Evaluate location and global reach

As many of us found out in 2020, we can do most things remotely, but being able to have face-to-face meetings is important to some. Evaluate what’s important to your business and also whether location or global reach is in line with your project requirements. Businesses with subsidiaries around the world – or those who plan to have – may find it beneficial to engage a NetSuite implementation partner with offices in other countries. Some larger ERP partners also have strategic collaborative partnerships with trusted implementation partners in different regions, which can help to achieve an effective and uniform ERP implementation and ongoing support across international operations.


3. Align visions and strategies

It’s important to mention data migration and project management methodologies because misalignment can cause team friction and challenges that nobody wants. Your business’ data is its most valuable asset, so ensuring that your data management objectives align with the implementation partner’s approach is necessary. There are numerous options, but open conversations and smart planning will guarantee data integrity.

You may also be wedded to a specific project management method, which a partner may not be practiced in. Therefore, this is another area where honest dialogue and clear explanations are needed in case the project management approach – agile, Kanban, scrum or a hybrid between agile and waterfall – is a deal breaker.


4. Ask to see certifications and endorsements

NetSuite awards its partners each year, and as we proudly stated above, NoBlue2 is the NetSuite EMEA Partner of Year for 2022. Fingers crossed for 2023, which will be announced during 2024. If you want an accredited NetSuite partner that represents excellence in sales, delivery, and contribution to the NetSuite user ecosystem, ask NetSuite who they would recommend you reach out to.  Our team members also complete NetSuite certifications because it’s crucial that our skills are kept up to date in line with the latest capabilities and features that the powerful cloud ERP solution offers. What will give you the confidence to engage a NetSuite partner? Whatever it is, just ask!

Black and white version of NetSuite Partner of the Year 2022 logo which NoBlue2 were awarded.


5. Find out more from current customers

Confidence often comes out of hearing endorsements from those who have already been through the process of an ERP migration or a first-time ERP implementation. Testimonials and case studies should be readily available, but any NetSuite implementation partner that is secure of its own services and work will put you in touch with similar customers, so you can ask probing questions. It’s important for you know that your partner can successfully manage a project of a similar size, with similar sector challenges and end-to-end project time scale. You may even gain some post-project insights through conversations that you then include in your project scope.


We spoke to two customers about their NetSuite implementation experience – watch the webinar video on YouTube or read the follow up article about what you need to know about ditching Sage 1000.


6. Get to know your partner team

We all know that people make businesses, so it’s not only important to know that the business can handle your needs, but also that the team you’ll be working closely with are people you like and get along with. Top NetSuite implementation partners will be able to present company CVs of the people who are most likely to deliver the project, although delays in commencing the work can mean the team is subject to change.

When you have your short-shortlist, this is the time to ask to meet the team and get a feel for the collaborative journey ahead. We think rapport is important and a coffee over Teams or a face-to-face meeting gives potential customers that chance to ask a few more questions and get to know the personalities involved. Your implementation team will be working with people right across – and up and down – your business, especially through the discovery period and in delivering training, so set yourself and others up for positive working relationships.

Group of ERP solution partner professionals and their potential customers, walking with coffee, getting to know each other.


If you didn’t see the story of our acquisition back in the Autumn, you may be wondering what the new name is exactly about; NoBlue2 was first born from the merger of NoBlue and Elevate2. So, when you select us to design, implement and provide ongoing support for your NetSuite implementation project you really are gaining access to the very best NetSuite project managers, NetSuite integration consultants and NetSuite technical consultants in the UK today.

Because we’re now three unified boutique consultancies, we understand that bigger doesn’t always mean better – and offering a personalised service is crucial to the NoBlue2 vision – but having a team of 110 professionals means we have the capacity to swiftly assist with any new NetSuite implementation projects.


We would love to be able to show you exactly what we know and how our NetSuite project design, implementation and management skills will help your business reach and exceed its KPIs. Contact us by completing this form and our team will be in touch to hear more about your challenges and goals.