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Automate your marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accurate marketing is fundamental to a successful business. Without it, companies struggle to gain potential sales leads. However, the role of a marketeer isn’t easy. Channelling both their creative and analytical minds, they must create engaging customer journeys, all while analysing their performance and staying aligned with the surrounding sales, supply and brand teams. This can often require multiple platforms and bags of time.

In today’s world however, there are clever tools that can simplify the marketing process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing is an example of one of these tools. Utilising automation and personalisation, the marketing software makes sure companies target customers with the right message, at the right time, in the right place – all while streamlining the internal process. In this blog, we’ll discuss the platform’s key benefits that could boost your business growth:

Content with a deeper meaning

Capture your customer’s attention with content you can be confident they will love. The editable tool makes it easier than ever to create and personalise end-to-end customer journeys that suit each customer segment.

Speaking of segments, the platform can handle detailed profile characteristics to ensure you’re targeting each customer as accurately as possible.

Bonus: Connect Dynamics 365 Marketing with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to gain a 360-degree customer overview to improve your journey personalisation.

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A streamlined process

A problem in a lot of businesses is the lack of alignment and communication between their marketing and sales teams. But not with this tool. Dynamics 365 allows the marketing team to set triggers that will alert the sales to follow up on a lead.

Sick to death of manual processes? This tool will save you hours of work. Thanks to AI technology, the platform can suggest content including deals, images and dynamic content for customer emails. So, all you’ll need to do is review and approve it. Plus, you won’t need to spend hours setting up new customer segments – it can all be done without any code required. Plus, you can set up automated reminders and repeated messages to customers to encourage re-interaction.

Trial + Error = Success

Marketing is all about trial and error, so Microsoft has made sure to make A/B testing possible within the dashboard. This means you’ll be able to create, implement and analyse a test all from one place. Amazing.

Best of all, it will also collate real-time KPIs in a dashboard to give your team and overview of business performance to support with improved and efficient decision making.

Tailored to you

Dynamics 365 is completely customisable without the need for code and works with a wide range of business systems. So, you can build a platform that works with what you know and targets your customers in the best way.

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Fit for growth

Since the platform is created to ensure you close more deals and retain customers, it’s important that it can help you deal with the growth that occurs as a result of it. The clever tool lets you create different profiles across a range of brands, geographies and product lines, helping you organise and manage employee access at global and local levels. As you expand into different markets, you can easily manage your customer content preferences to make sure your business is compliant with new policies.


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