The benefits of Cloud ERP integration

Every ERP implementation takes time and requires careful planning and execution, whether on premise, hosted, or in the cloud. Choosing the correct ERP solution is crucial to the future success of your business.

Since cloud ERP requires no server hardware, your business doesn’t have to spend time and money procuring and installing an IT infrastructure. With cloud ERP, you can easily roll it out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions, avoiding the traditional costs associated with those rollouts. In selecting a cloud ERP system, these differences can add up to significant time and cost savings. Cloud ERP deployments usually take significantly less time to implement than an on-premise solution, thus accelerating the time to value.

Cloud ERP is also easier to scale, giving you the ability to add more users and companies, almost instantaneously, as your business grows. On-premise ERP solutions don’t offer the same agility since, to give more employees access to an on-site system, it’s often necessary to provision additional hardware, database licences and communications. Cloud offers system access via browsers on your tablet/smartphone/ laptop giving you access to your critical business information from anywhere allowing you to be more flexible and responsive.

Key Cloud Benefits

• Your last ever ERP upgrade
• Always on the latest version, no version lock
• Zero cost, seamless software updates twice a year
• No direct hardware, software, database maintenance costs
• 24/7 device/browser agnostic access
• High availability – built-in disaster recovery and uptime guarantees
• Built-in security & legislation compliance
• Fast deployment on a local or global scale
• You concentrate on your business, not your IT

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