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The great consumer behaviour shift of 2020 and its effect on retail and distribution

With the impact of Covid-19 – bricks and mortar retail closures, mandatory mask wearing, shopping queues and the general Covid-19 health threat – we have witnessed a shift in consumer behaviour. Online shopping has surged, leading to dramatic and unpredictable fluctuations in demand, and the pre-crisis status quo looks unlikely to be restored any time soon. A ‘new normal’ will prevail.


Efficiency and agility are necessities for survival, and indeed growth, within the retail and distribution arena and the most effective approach that brands can take is to adopt the right technology. A unified omnichannel commerce platform that provides a real-time, 360-degree view of a business will help it to manage the effects of demand fluctuations on fulfilment, and provide intelligent data to identify and maximise opportunities as they arise.


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