Black and white image of Nic who is BrightBridge's NetSuite Integration Consultant - pictured for National Careers Week 2023.

BrightBridge team talk: NetSuite Integration Consultant

Meet Nic Dufton

With National Careers Week 2023 as the inspiration for a series of blogs with some of our newest team members, today is the last team talk and it’s with Integration Consultant, Nic Dufton. If anyone understands data, how to connect it and make use of it, it’s Nic. His career has taken him from data analysis at Tesco, to data management at Seasalt to data integration within a NetSuite implementation at Frugi… and that’s where he met us, when we were delivering the project for the organic children’s clothes brand.

Account Manager, Charlie Neale, said yes to a video interview – click here to watch Charlie’s vlog – and so did Nic. Hit play below to learn about his journey, his role here at BrightBridge and his advice for those wanting to pursue a career in business data and solutions.


Did you catch our other team talk Q&As? If not, click here to read what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Phil Matthews and NetSuite Technical Consultant Jack Ellis had to say. If you missed our team talks in 2022, you’ll find the last one with Paul from our support team here and this has links to the whole series.

And if you’d like to speak to Nic about integrating your business data and ensuring your analytics and reports are fit for purpose, call us on 0300 133 5000 or email